We install filters to treat water in the heating system and fill with inhibitors so your system performs more efficiently and lasts much longer minimizing the impact on your boiler while ever-increasing it’s life span.

Power flushing can remove built up residue, sludge and deposits from a central heating system. Gas Line Heating, Plumbing & Bathrooms can restore your heating system to its optimum efficiency and reduce excessive workload on your boiler.

What is Powerflusing?

Over time, sludgy deposits build up in central heating systems, causing cold spots on radiators and excess strain on your boiler and other mechanical parts, such as your motorised valves and pump. Deposits can accumulate in your boiler resulting in reduced efficiency and increased energy bills.

Gas Line Heating, Plumbing & Bathrooms can treat your central heating system with a power flush treatment to extract these injurious deposits in your radiators and boiler. Once the treatment has been done, the system is filled with fresh water and a protective chemical to protect against future clogging.

Power Flushing Helps…

  • Removing up to 99% of system sludge
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Reducing wear and tear on boilers, minimising the risks of future breakdowns
  • Clearing deposits of lime scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling
  • Eliminating cold spots
  • Reducing gas bills by up to 30%
  • Giving a ‘transfusion’ of fresh water to your system.

Brands we work with

Worcester Boiler Installation
Baxi Boiler Installation
Vaillant Boiler Installation
Main Boiler Installation